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Crush the Regs Sit n Go Strategy Home Stake Mentoring The Mentors Become a Mentor Staking Forum Members Portal Member Login Portal Access CTD Blog My Account UPDATE! The all new 2014 SNG Boot Camp is completed and now part of the Members Portal! Over 100 players attended the course and the response was amazing. See the reviews below and get access to all of the Boot Camp recordings and the rest of the content inside the Portal for only $7 today! THE MOST UNIQUE SIT N GO STRATEGIES AND RESOURCES AVAILABLE, GUARANTEED! Created and Developed by Clint Losch (Owner of CrushtheDonks.com, Co-Owner of GlobalStaking, and Bluefirepoker SNG Pro) Crush the Donks Sit n Go Strategy Portal- Teaching New and Improved Sit n Go Strategies to Boost Your ROI in 2014 If you are still using the same old strategies, push/fold charts and software that has been preached for years....YOU ARE PROBABLY DOING SOMETHING WRONG Unless you haven't been playing online for the past year, you have probably noticed that the games, and in particular, the Sit n Go games, are getting harder. And not just the high stakes games, but also the low and mid stakes SNGs. It seems like the "winning" SNG strategy is being utilized by more and more players. Why is this? The answer is simple: The games are evolving. But what does that actually mean? Let's go back in time to April 15th, 2011, a day infamously known as Black Friday in the poker community. This was the day that the poker players in the United States got shut out from PokerStars and Full Tilt. While it seemed that the poker world was crumbling, PokerStars continued to march on and dominate the poker market, with over 100,000 players regularly on the site at any given time of the day. Since 2011, two main things occurred that have attributed to the current state of the Sit n Go games. Over 10 million US players left the market. That means, millions and millions of "fish" are no longer at the tables. There are more resources available than ever for poker players to help improve their game Bullet point #2 is the main reason that this members area was put together, and also the reason why so many winning players, or once-winning players, have hit a wall this past year, and seen their ROI decrease. In addition, if you are just starting to get into online poker, right now is tougher than ever. While there are tons of forums, strategy sites, training sites, coaches, and with poker becoming a primary source of income for many individuals, there are more and more players who understand proper Sit n Go strategy, which in turn, is making the games more difficult. Well, no more doom and gloom. So many players these days are saying, "The games are dead. There is no more money to be made." Maybe for them. But not our students and stakees....and not for you either! Take a look at what some of our players have said recently (these are completely unsolicited reviews. These are just the messages we receive randomly on Skype and Facebook from our full members): It is comments and testimonials like these that keep me/us working hard to provide you with the best content, resouces and support possible. Now, while there are a lot of resources out there to help you improve on your game, those resources are often limited, leaving you to search elsewhere for additional help. For example, if you belong to a strategy video site where you pay a monthly subscription, you get access to tons of videos, which is a great resource. However, for many, watching Sit n Go videos can only help so much. So you search various Sit n Go strategy sites and forums for free information. Again, there is some good info out there, but it is often basic, and can take a lot of time trying to find exactly wht you are looking for. To take your game to the next level, it is tough to do it alone. You also need someone to talk to, review games with, empathize with, share war stories with, etc...How often do you sit there and play a game and come across a hand that left you questioning whether you made the right play or not? Wouldn't it be great if you could instantly get feedback about your play as soon as you complete the hand? Now, if you want to have that personal access to other players and coaches, you typically need to pay for it, above and beyond other subscription sites that you may already be paying for. That can certainly get expensive. For the most effective and successful training, we believe that you need ALL of those resources available to you in one place. When you join the Crush the Donks Team either as a staked player, coached player, or you purchase access to the Members Portal, you will Have access to a coach for personalized game reviews Lifetime access to all current and future strategy videos (UPDATED DAILY) Live Skype chat/community with over 100 players Lifetime access to full game written hand history reviews done for other players Lifetime access to group study sessions Much more...keep reading below if you want more details on exactly what is inside the Members Portal What You Will Learn NEW SNG strategies that will more than double your profitability Why the old, "winning" SNG strategy is becoming outdated How to exploit players at the table for maximum profits How to outperform standard ICM calculations How to build HUGE stacks at all stages of the game How to increase your 1st place winning percentage Why you can do more than just push or fold with 10 big blinds and much, much more.... SNGs are fun again! I am not missing a profitable spot and I am constantly out-thinking my opponents. - cristiankan (PokerStars) Real Player Results **Before and after player results are from coaching and SNG course participation using the strategies outlined in this Crush the Regs SNG Strategy Series This course is for all SNG game types, from 6max through 180 man SNGs! Members Area Breakdown Crush the Regs SNG Series The Revolutionary Crush the REGS Sit n Go Series - This course alone will instantly increase your ROI. This was a live 5 week course that was originally sold for $200 and introduced some brand new strategies that will get you thinking about Sit n Go's in an all new way. Crush the Regs Video #1: HUD and Database Setup Analyzing the old, traditional Sit n Go strategy Introduction to the NEW SNG strategies Why we are "spitting in the face" of standard play Setting up your HUD for advanced play Advanced note taking Setting up database filters to exploit your opponents Crush the Regs Video #2: Utilizing HUD Stats to Steal and Exploit Advanced strategies to exploit the Regs Adding chips to your stack in unconventional spots The importance of post-ante play How to open up from ALL positions with ANY TWO CARDS profitably Why the mid-game is so important How to build MASSIVE stacks, increasing your chances of finishing in 1st place Real hand history examples Crush the Regs Video #3: Anti Strategies...and More Exploiting Exploiting opponents based on how you are SUPPOSED to play How to build pots for value and steal with minimal resistance How to play against loose players when you are in the small blind How to exploit limpers Real hand history examples Crush the Regs Video #4: Analyzing the Push or Fold Game Debunking the myth that you can only push or fold with 10 BBs How to make up to 4x more profits on your plays vs standard ICM calculations This video alone with change your approach to push/fold SNG strategy forever Real hand history examples Crush the Regs Video #5: Post Flop and Heads Up Play Effectively play post flop in common post flop play situations When, why, and how much to continuation bet Understanding the delayed continuation bet and how to use it effectively When and why to double and triple barrel Put your heads up charts aside...introduction to more optimal heads up play When and why you should deviate from Nash Equilibrium ranges How to exploit and adapt to various styles of opponents (loose, tight, aggressive, passive) Crush the Regs Video #6: Database Analysis & NoteCaddy Use w/ MachtiSonni Never-before-seen database analysis strategies Identify the exact spots and hands where you are profitable and not profitable Specific leak finding techniques Utilizing NoteCaddy to enhance your optimal play Introduction to the AlphaHUD software that will revolutionize your game Sniper Concept Videos The Sniper Concept Videos target specific topics and strategies to futher enhance your Sit n Go knowledge. They are used to support the Crush the Regs Series, as well as the Full Game Classroom Sessions. These videos are constantly being updated and added, and as a member, you will have lifetime access to all of those updates. Understanding Bubble Factors Blind vs Blind Play Post Flop Play How to effectively use SNG Wizard Common "tricky" hands Facing all-in scenarios ...and more added monthly Classroom Study Sessions Several times a month, we have group study sessions on specific Sit n Go strategies or full game reviews. These sessions are a favorite among the players as it gives everyone a chance to get differing opinions on hands and to discuss the best plays. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO LEARN! As a member, you will have access to previous study session recordings, as well as the opportunity to participate in all future study sessions. In addition, when you participate in the study sessions, you can submit your own hands and games for review by the group! Over 30 Study Session Recordings, including full game reviews of 6 max, 9 man, 18 man, and 180 man Sit n Gos. Active Skype Group We have one of the largest and most helpful Skype groups around. Our coaches and players are a part of several poker Skype groups and we are constantly told that ours has been the most helpful, as everyone is there to help one another get better. The Skype group is a great resource for you to instantly get feedback on those hands that you may be questioning. Especially if you are using PokerStars' Boom Replayer, it is a great place to quickly post a hand in the chat to get opinions from our coaches and other top winning players. Grinder Interviews One of the best ways to improve your game is to learn from others. Great athletes like Tiger Woods and Lebron James, they are certainly the best of the best. However, they too have received tips and advice from fellow players, which has ultimately led to these guys improving their games even further. For example, Tiger Woods, who rarely needs help from another golfer, got a putting tip from Steve Stricker right before a tournament at Doral in early 2013, which dramatically improved Tiger's game and allowed him to win that tournament because of his great putting that weekend. We wanted to accomplish that same goal but by utilizing our massive network of top players. Accordingly, we give all of our players a questionaire for them to fill out. You can view a sample of it HERE. When you become a Member, you will receive access to all of these questionaires as well. That way, you will be able learn how other players, many of which you probably play against regularly, grind on a daily basis, what their playing schedule is like, what their goal setting plans are, etc...So often, we have players ask us questions like: How many tables should I play? What time of the day is best to play? What type of HUD should I use? Which ICM calculator should I buy? Well, answers to these types of questions often vary. But, with the Grinder Inverview Questionaire, you can have all of these answers, from top players in all game types, at your fingertips, which can help give you some potentially new tips on how to approach your games and daily grind. Full Game Written Hand History Reviews In addition to the strategy videos, you also have the opportunity to view written comments on other players' games. The written reviews have been a favorite amongst players as it enhances the learning experience dramatically. It is truly a unique service that few sites offer. You can also have the opportunity to have your own games reviewed in the Done-For-You-Review section of the Members Portal. This can be another great opportunity for you to get a personalized review of your own game. Additional Benefits In addition to all of the resources mentioned above, you will also receive the following: CTD Exclusive Rakeback and Bonuses: As a member, you will receive updates on great rakeback and bonus opportunities. Because we have placed thousands of players on various poker rooms and networks, these benefits are exclusive to our company as we are able to offer you deals above and beyond the publically advertised deals from the poker rooms and other affiliate websites. Real and Personal Advice: When it comes to choosing a poker room, you have tons of playing options in regards to the various networks and poker skins that exist. Some are much better than others, and as a matter of fact, there are some rooms where it's simply not safe to deposit your money (even though they may tempt you with great bonus deals). Well, it is our job to keep up-to-date on the latest news and find the best rooms for players to play. Accordingly, we are hear to provide you with that information and provide any support that we can. We regularly speak with various poker room managers across the world in order to find the best places for you to play and get you quick answers if you have any questions or concerns when playing. United States Player Support: As a player in the US, it is still quite difficult to deposit and withdraw on the poker rooms that accept US players. However, as I previously mentioned, we know the best rooms to play on, and the rooms that YOU NEED TO AVOID . We can also assist with your deposits and withdrawals so that you know you can get your money quickly. The last thing you want to do is to play on a room where it can take months to cash out. What You Can Expect Overall, after you watch the Crush the Regs Series and the other strategy videos, the most common response from our players is that playing Sit n Gos will become much more fun. You will get out of the robotic push/fold style of play, and thinking much more about the optimal Sit n Go strategy. In addition, when you apply the strategies that you will learn about in the Members Portal, you will see your 1st place numbers skyrocket because you will be reaching the final table and in the money with a MUCH BIGGER STACK! You will also have become part of a great community where you can network with other top players, coaches, and professionals. You will have a poker family that you can always turn to for questions and advice. OK, I Am Ready To Increase My ROI How to Receive Access YOU can gain access in 1 of 3 ways: Get Staked : Members Portal Access is included in all staking deal.s Get Coached: Members Portal Access is included in monthly coaching packages Purchase: If you do not want to be staked or coached, you can obtain direct LIFETIME access to the Members Portal. Again, theLifetime Members Portal Access, includes the... 5 Part Crush the Regs SNG Series Classroom Study Session Videos Sniper Concept Videos Lifetime Group Study Session Access Lifetime Community Access Exclusive Home Games Grinder Interviews Full Game Written Reviews Right now, you can receive 100% full access for only $7 for 7 days! Just Pay $97 Make a $7.00 Deposit Today and Pay the Rest After You've Had Time to Test the Strategies and Make Some Money. When you pay your $7 deposit today, you will simply be charged a minimal one-time fee of $90 in one week, but ONLY if you decide you want to stay. Now, I'm not stupid...I know A LOT of people will make more than $97 using these strategies, and some may not follow through with making their $90 payment. And you know what? I'm ok with that. (*unfortunately for those people, success will be short-lived as they will not have the continued support and updated material moving forward.) But I also know "those people" will be few and far between, and I'm looking forward to working with the rest of you, who will go on to be very successful, and who will follow through on your committment to pay once you've had to time use the strategies in the Members Portal. **NOTE: If you need to pay via PokerStars transfer, please use the Support button at the bottom of the page and we will provide you with the transfer details** The Crush the Regs Series alone used to sell for $200. Now, get it for $7 for 7 days You can receive 100% full access to all of the features in the Members Portal. After 7 days, the final one time price to maintain lifetime membership is $90 NO SUBSCRIPTIONS. NO UPSELLS. **NOTE: If you need to pay via PokerStars transfer, please use the Support button at the bottom of the page and we will provide you with the transfer details** . located at 917 S. , , , and used by permission. or any . Questions about the Members Portal or purchasing issues? SUPPORT Name * Email * How can we help you? * Send a copy to yourself Why We Are DIfferent Unique SNG Strategies Full Game Written Hand History Reviews Personal and Community Player Support Learn what others do to be successful (Grinder Interviews) Exclusive Home Game Freerolls Insider Industry Updates Exclusive Poker Room Bonuses Lifetime Video Updates Lifetime Study Session Access What the Players Have to Say "Clint has completely turned mygame around. Not only has using his ideas madepoker more profitable, it's also made it more fun.Without a doubt the most +EV decision I have ever made." - pconroy (PokerStars 9 and 18 man SNGs) "I would like to say if you have any doubts about whether this is a worthwhile investment of your time and $$$....just go ahead and make that sacrifice, the man is clear, concise, articulate, super intelligent and will take your game to a new level. There is no arrogance also about his coaching style or attitudes, in general just a love of poker and helping people get to the level they aspire to get to." -Trubble (Part Time Poker) You always hear "poker is ever changing." How can poker be changing when hand strength never does is what I always asked myself. Never knowing the answers until learning Clint's new techniques of gaining chips in a SNG will not only enable me to survive in a SNG but also enable me to crush opponents playing a straight forward SNG strategy. I feel Clint has taught me how to be above the learning curve and I recommend his services to anyone desiring to better their ROI and gain financial success through poker. -cmoneyyyyyhoney (Merge- 9 man SNGs) "Everything was great about the course, very interesting topics, well explained... and of course the fact that i went up from 8% to 15%+ ROI in my 18 man games after just a couple weeks." -felipetruji (PokerStars- 18 man SNGs) "I enjoyed the course and learned far more than the push-botting you usually find with most SNG coaching. Clint is very clear in his concepts and uses maths (math for the Americans) to back these concepts up. I think my game has improved since the course and actually, SNG's have become interesting again as I am now looking for spots rather than just pushing buttons. I would recommend the course to any SNG player who wants to get ahead of the crowd and improve their game and their thought processes for the game." -ipeaceonu22 (PokerStars- 180 man SNGs) "Clint’s professionalism and presentation, the course and concepts were very well organized and communicated throughout. The fact that Clint and other students in the course were always available for general questions and hand reviews in the Skype chat group was very helpful. After completing the course it’s much more enjoyable to play, I feel I have a “license” and ability now to make fancy plays when appropriate as opposed to always having to make correct mathematical and unexploitable plays to maintain long term profit." -8random8 (Merge- 9 man SNGs) "This course was very helpful. I found lots of new spots that I can potentially pick up chips, especially in the blinds. I thought the blind play strategies and how to exploit different types of players was most helpful." -billyd77 (PokerStars - non-turbo 18, 45, and 180 man SNGs) "I signed up for the course because I wanted to gain/maintain a competitive edge against my opponents. I also wanted to make sure I don't miss anything that others can use against me. After reading about this course and researching Clint's website, I found out that regardless the volume Clint played, he has the right mindset to be considered someone you can learn from." -TexasTony101 (PokerStars 18 and 180 man SNGs) "Before I met Clint, I had been coached by 2 others players. I was pretty much a break even SNG player with lots of peaks and valleys in my graph. Clint took a look at my play, went over games, fixed leaks, help me immensely with bet sizing, extracting value, fine tuned my push/fold game, and gave me a lot of insight on the business side of poker and playing for a living. Beyond coaching, Clint has become a friend, a resource and is always there to comment on a hand or talk me through a bad run. Highly recommended." -EVkiller (Merge- 9 man SNGs) "The conclusion of these videos are totally inline with a proper counter strategy against 95% of Regs and loose players. It is a new way of adapting to today's changes on SNGs and MTTs. I HOPE NO ONE watches these videos, so I can exploit them longer." -hilarioochoa (Bluefirepoker) "Great series - well communicated. Suggested plays are really helping me build chips stack for the 75 - 150 blind levels. And I am noticing that I am finishing 1-2 significantly more often than before. thanks!" -woolfienow "Amazing videos, really appreciate them" -Vaseline27 I found the course very useful since I was introduced to some new concepts. I liked the video and the hand history that you provided for us to see. It was nice when you gave specific examples of hands played by you where you where using some of the strategies and how your stats changed utilizing the new style. -johnsalo (PokerStars- 180 man SNGs Privacy Policy | DCMA | Anti-Spam | Terms of Use All content is copyright CrushTheDonks.com 2013 ↑ Top